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Arctic Science Day 2024

Posted on March 19, 2024

As the seasons change so do the opportunities to learn about the environment.

Leaves sprout from branches and flutter down to the ground.

Animals are born and birds migrate.

And as the water freezes over it brings the opportunity to learn about nature in a new way.

That’s what Arctic Science Day is all about.

groups of students out on frozen lake

FortWhyte Alive collaborated with the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Earth Observation Science to host the 16th annual Arctic Science Day in early March.

This day is a unique learning experience for students and teachers to learn about Arctic science and careers in climate change research and environmental sciences from real scientists.

For the in-person event, nearly 140 students and their teachers learned about Arctic research such as marine mammals, ocean acidification and contaminants such as mercury and oil spills, sediment coring, Arctic microbiology, and snow science. A virtual learning option gives more students, including remote Northern classrooms, the opportunity to learn too.

students hod activity sheets
hands of students conducting PH experiment

"The most valuable parts for my students included meeting scientists, seeing artifacts, participating in learning games, and hands-on activities" - Teacher at Arctic Science Day

group of students looking at ice core
student reaching for vials

Students also had amazing things to say about their learning experience:

“I learned that marine mammals use echolocation and different calls to communicate.”

“I learned about taking sediment cores and the impact of pH on ocean life.”

“I loved the hands-on activities, I find these a great way to learn.”

“ The best part of today was spending time outside without my phone and learning about the effects of climate change.”

group of students looking at ice core

A big thank you to the University of Manitoba’s Centre for Earth Observation Science, and the team of more than 25 graduate students and research scientists who helped us to inspire the next generation.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, NSERC-Promoscience, Honda Canada Foundation and Natural Habitat Adventures for supporting this year’s Arctic Science Day.

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