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Learning with the seasons

Early Years (K-3) Middle Years (4-6) Upper Years (7-12)
Observe the seasonal changes in animals and plants as nature gets ready for winter. Discover the diversity of local plants and animals, observe the changes in weather, and learn hands-on navigation skills. Explore outdoor mapping and tree math and find the connections in ecosystems and how humans fit in.

Early Years (K-3)

Meet a Tree

Kindergarten - Grade 1

When attempting to connect students with nature we tend to focus only on the sense of sight, and forget to engage the other 4 senses. This activity is a way to include all 5 senses when focusing on a tree.

Super Duper Soil

Grade 2 - 3

Soil is more important than we think! It’s where most food grows, and it needs to be protected. Learning more about what makes up soil will help students understand the connections happening in the world beneath our feet.

Seed Stories

Grade 2 - 3

Plants spread seeds and we can watch these seeds sprout to become new plants. This activity examines different seed dispersal adaptations, and gives your students the opportunity to observe plants sprouting in your classroom.

Middle Years (4-6)

Local Predators and Prey

Grade 4

Students select a local habitat and create a food chain diagram explaining the relationships between animals.

Up in the Air

Grade 5

Try this easy demonstration to show the interaction of cold and warm fronts, before heading out watch clouds.

Navigation Skills

Grade 5-8

Get a new perspective on navigation using homemade compasses, the sun and wind.

Upper Years (7-12)

What's in your ecosystem?

Grade 8

Learn what it takes to make water safe for drinking and experiment with different materials to filter water.

Tree Trigonometry

Grade 10

Learn to measure tree heights using trigonometry and simple tools while keeping your feet safely on the ground!

The Map Game

Grade 12

Learn how invasive species can negatively affect the lives of local plants and animals and ways we can monitor, educate and reduce their impacts.

All the classes LOVED our activities yesterday. Positive feedback all around and we can’t wait to try our hand at our own weather forecasting.