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Learning with the seasons

Early Years (K-3) Middle Years (4-6) Older Years (7-12)
Observe nature in spring, including trees, wetlands and the soil beneath our feet. Discover the diversity of local animals and plants, and observe the weather. Understand the connections in ecosystems and how humans fit in.

Early Years (K-3)

Colour Matching


Students learn about colours by comparing and contrasting paint chips with different objects found in nature.


Grades 2 - 3

Students will learn about metamorphosis by observing the life cycles of animals or insects.

Plant a Garbage Garden

Grades 2 - 3

Does trash turn back into soil? Learn about how materials break down in nature by planting a garbage garden.

Middle Years (4-6)

Critter Creation

Grade 4

Animals have some amazing adaptations for survival. Try creating a critter of your own using habitat scenarios.

Create a Weather Station

Grade 5

Using simple materials, students can design and build useful weather instruments.

Create a Field Guide

Grade 6

Learn to classify and identify local plants or animals to create your own field guide.

Older Years (7-12)

Water Washing

Grade 8

Learn what it takes to make water safe for drinking and experiment with different materials to filter water.

Tree Trigonometry

Grade 10

Learn to measure tree heights using trigonometry and simple tools while keeping your feet safely on the ground!

Managing Invasive Species

Grade 12

Learn how invasive species can negatively affect the lives of local plants and animals and ways we can monitor, educate and reduce their impacts.

All the classes LOVED our activities yesterday. Positive feedback all around and we can’t wait to try our hand at our own weather forecasting.