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Holding Down the Fort: Leopard Frogs

Posted on July 9, 2020

When we’re kind to leopard frogs, we’re kind to ourselves.

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A leopard frog sitting on gravel and grass

Leopard frogs play an important role in maintaining a healthy environment, but they face many threats — the largest being habitat loss and climate change.

With the recent heat we’ve been experiencing in Manitoba, we’ve all made sure to find ways to stay cool, leopard frogs included. For these amphibians, they find protection from the heat in the comfort of wetlands at FortWhyte and around Manitoba. However, climate change has impacted the health of wetlands, and without them leopard frogs would quickly suffer, impacting the ecosystem as a whole.

The best way to help? Consider your own actions and how you can support the environment. By taking an active role in protecting the planet, we’ll not only help leopard frogs, but also ourselves by having a cleaner, greener environment.

Learn more about leopard frogs and listen to their mating call by visiting Nature North.


A leopard frog stretched out in water