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3 ways to help the planet this fall

Posted on September 29, 2021

As the leaves turn and the temperatures drop, many of us are preparing our homes and gardens for the upcoming season. Why not re-think some of our old habits and make changes that are going to reduce our impact on the planet?

Check out these three tips to kick off fall on a sustainable note and make a difference in your environmental footprint today.

Put your yard to bed

The evenings are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. It won’t be long before snow covers our yards! Rather than prune your yard of debris, why not leave it for the winter?

Leaving plants to die naturally helps maximize nutrients to the roots. This is especially important for the health of perennials. Dead foliage provides insulation, promotes root survival and, when covered with snow, adds interesting shapes to your yard.

Additionally, leaving plants in place provides food and shelter to a variety of birds and critters in the upcoming inclement weather.

Check for leaks

Hand hovering over lake of water

Did you know that 69% of water use in Winnipeg is residential? Leaks alone can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water per year in your home. 

Start conserving water by joining our Family Leak Detector Challenge. Not only will you save water, but you’ll save a few bucks on your water bill too! It’s as easy as checking and fixing leaks around your home and then sharing your results with us. Plus, you’re entered to prizes to help you on your sustainability journey, like a rain barrel or a FortWhyte Alive Membership! 

Tip: Learn how to check for leaks with our tutorial on YouTube.

Reduce your phantom power

An iPhone on low batter is plugged into a car charger.

Phantom power can account for up to 10 percent of all electricity used in our homes.

Here are a few tips for reducing phantom power:

  • A battery charger draws power even when the device it is charging has been removed. Unplug your charger as soon as your device is fully charged or when the charger is not being used. 
  • If you regularly use a number of battery chargers (for power tools, cell phones, etc.), make a charging station where all of the chargers are plugged into a single power bar that can be easily turned off all at once.
  • About 40% of all electricity used to power electronics is used when the products are turned off but are in standby mode. Unplug infrequently used electronics, such as a second TV, DVD player or audio system.


Thank you for contributing to a greener planet! For more tips, check out Natural Resources Canada and Manitoba Hydro.