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A Day at FortWhyte Alive: Family Fun in Nature

Posted on July 11, 2022

You bought your tickets and have arrived at the buffalo rubbing stone just inside FortWhyte Alive, where to now? It can be hard to choose when everyone wants to see something different. Here’s how you can spend a day at FortWhyte Alive with your family.

Grandparents and children walking past sod house.

Start with a visit to the Richardson Interpretive Centre to visit the touch museum and aquarium to learn about some of the wildlife you might see. Here you can get a scavenger hunt sheet with a list of things to look for. This is a great way to engage kids as you search nature for all sorts of creatures and habitats.

Ready to explore? Set out on the winding trails. The different ecosystems you pass through create a special opportunity to connect with nature. As you wander, engage your little ones with discussions about the creatures that might live here and why.

Once you’ve crossed everything off your scavenger hunt list, grab some dipnets and a bucket. A signature experience at FortWhyte Alive, dipnetting is using a net to search for tiny living things in the water.

Dipnetting is a chance for kids to engage with science and nature while having fun.

Bugs, snails, minnows, and more can be found below the surface and with some patience you can catch and identify them all!

Adult helps child use a dipnet on the boardwalks of FortWhyte

An exciting morning is sure to build up an appetite and fortunately the Buffalo Stone Cafe is ready to welcome you with their delicious menu. Enjoy your meal on the deck overlooking Lake Devonian for the perfect lunch time view.

After lunch rent a bike and explore the north trails where you can visit some munching, crunching bison.

From the viewing mound you’ll have a great view of the herd and their calves.

If you want to learn more about the bison you can sign up for a tour (in advance) like the Baby Bison Walk or a Bison Safari.

Mother bison and calf together in prairies

On your way out stop by FortWhyte Farms and take a self guided tour. Fields of crops, the smell of cooking, and the sounds of the farm’s resident chickens, rabbits, and pigs can all be enjoyed as you explore before heading home for the day.

No matter how well you know FortWhyte Alive you are sure to experience something new each visit.

Hour to hour, day to day, and season to season nature is constantly changing and there will always be something new to enjoy.

Ready to visit? See our hours.