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“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now” Anonymous


Did you know that each classroom that arrives for a school program at FortWhyte during our spring season will receive at least one seedling spruce tree?

This initiative, called the Carbon Bank Program, has been ongoing since 2000 and is supported with funding from Manitoba Hydro. Spruce seedlings are purchased in spring from the Manitoba Forestry Association and are on hand for our staff to hand out to each group during their program wrap-up.

So how many trees will a school receive? This depends on how far the school bus must travel to get from school to FortWhyte and back again. We use this handy calculation to determine the number of trees needed to sequester the amount of CO2 each school bus trip emits, while traveling to and from our site.

Travel by Bus

(Number of Buses x Distance in kilometres (return) x 0.54) ÷ 9 = Number of trees needed

Two school programs; Weathering the Climate (Grade 5), and Everchanging Ecology (Grade 7), deal specifically with climate change and its impact, and so groups that attend these programs receive 1 tree per student.

Want to calculate how many trees to plant to cover your own CO2 emissions while traveling to and from FWA? Try this carload calculation. Reduce your emissions this Earth Day (and beyond) by seeking out sustainable transportation such as transit, taking the bike, or carpooling with friends.

Travel by Car

(Number of Cars x Distance in kilometres (return) x 0.25) ÷ 9 = Number of trees needed

Tree Facts

One large tree can provide a day’s oxygen requirement for up to four people.

Each healthy tree can reduce air borne dust particles by as much as 7,000 particles per litre of air.

Different tree species sequester different amounts of CO2. Note that trees have different lifespans as well, and these averages are for an assumed tree life of 80 years.

Tree Varieties          Average CO2 (kg)/Year

Ash                                          5.7

Manitoba Maple                       5.4

Poplar                                      13.5

Elm                                          6.7

White Spruce                           8.3

Oak                                          4.1

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