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At FortWhyte Alive, we are dedicated to connecting humans with nature and encouraging actions leading to sustainable living -- and it’s no secret that our success in accomplishing this mission depends on a great deal of support from the community.

We are pleased to recognize CN for their contribution to FortWhyte Alive and to communities across Canada. CN has been supporting FortWhyte Alive for many years, most recently as a key supporter of our award-winning Education for Sustainable Development programs.

For decades, FortWhyte Alive has worked hard to foster and strengthen a personal commitment to sustainability in today’s children and youth. Our roster of over 40 outdoor environmental education programs incorporates key themes of sustainable development -- such as poverty alleviation, human rights, health, environmental stewardship, climate change, and biodiversity -- into outdoor education experiences for K-12 students. The goal of these programs is to equip students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become our future leaders in sustainability.

Over 30,000 students from 250+ schools across Manitoba participate in outdoor environmental education programs at FortWhyte Alive each year. What many don’t know is that we offer all of our programs to schools across Manitoba at below cost as a way of maintaining affordability for students and their families. For this reason, we rely on support from the community to subsidize a portion of program delivery costs. That’s where community partners like CN come in.

Education for Sustainable Development at FortWhyte Alive aligns with CN’s community priorities, as CN is committed to safety, environmental sustainability, and taking measurable steps to reduce its own impact on the environment.

“For CN, a sustainable future means trying to think and act in the interest of future generations. This means constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment. Nothing less will do. That’s why we believe that the hands-on learning that youth enjoy at FortWhyte Alive is a perfect fit for us. By introducing young people to these concepts now, we are laying a foundation for building stronger, safer communities.”

- Kate Fenske,
Media Relations for Western Canada & Manitoba Community Affairs Lead, CN


Thank you CN for helping us to build sustainable communities today, and for tomorrow.

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