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Earth Day 2017 Recap

Posted on April 24, 2017


Earth Day 2017 was a blast! We had a great day of outdoor recreation, fun times at the farm, some excellent live entertainment, green transportation, and nature-based learning– all in the name of celebrating our planet. We'd like to extend a big FortWhyte Alive thank you to:

  • Our volunteers for all of your time and efforts in making this event possible. Happy National Volunteer Week!
  • Our media and entertainment stage partners CBC Manitoba, who brought out their awesome virtual reality bison experience, as well as Kids' CBC's Scout, Al Simmons, MTYP, and Rob Malo, all of whom kept us entertained throughout the day. Big thanks to John Sauder for bringing the sunshine, blue skies, and interactive weather demos, all while hosting the main stage!
  • Everyone who supported our first ever FortWhyte Alive Earth Day 50/50 Raffle. Congrats to Elaine S. who took home the big prize, $699!
  • All of our amazing exhibitors at FortWhyte Alive and the FortWhyte Farms mini market – big shout out to CAA Manitoba for once again collecting used tires and car batteries, and to Mother Earth Recycling for picking up e-waste!
  • Our new FortWhyte Alive Members, as well as those who renewed their memberships this Earth Day -- thank you for supporting FortWhyte's environmental education initiatives!

Finally, thanks to all of you that came out to take some time out to honour and appreciate this incredible planet we are so lucky to call home. Let's make Earth Day, every day.EarthDay201 EarthDay2017_1 EarthDay2017_2 EarthDay2017_3 EarthDay2017_4 EarthDay2017_5 EarthDay2017_6 EarthDay2017_7 EarthDay2017_8 EarthDay2017_9 EarthDay2017_10 EarthDay2017_11 EarthDay2017_12 EarthDay2017_13 EarthDay2017_14 EarthDay2017_15 EarthDay2017_16 EarthDay2017_17 EarthDay2017_18 EarthDay2017_19 EarthDay2017_20 EarthDay2017_21 EarthDay2017_22 EarthDay2017_23 EarthDay2017_25 EarthDay2017_26 EarthDay2017_27 EarthDay2017_28 EarthDay2017_29 EarthDay2017_30 EarthDay2017_31 EarthDay2017_32 EarthDay2017_33 EarthDay2017_34 EarthDay2017_35 EarthDay2017_36 EarthDay2017_37 EarthDay2017_38 EarthDay2017_39 EarthDay2017_40 EarthDay2017_41 EarthDay2017_42 EarthDay2017_44EarthDay2017_43