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Tips for Eating Sustainably & Supporting Local

Posted on October 17, 2016

To celebrate Sustainability Month, members of our FortWhyte team will be providing tips on how you can incorporate sustainability into your everyday activities. 

by Connor Screpnek


Here are a few simple things that you can do today, and every day, to build a more sustainable community:

1. Eat in Season

This is also a great way to try new fruits and vegetables. There’s so much variety within each growing season if you try new and different things. Plus, out-of-season produce that’s been shipped from other climates lacks the punch of flavour that fresh produce offers (think of those watery winter tomatoes!). 

2. Befriend Your Farmer

You can source much of the food you need through local farmers, and what they offer is always changing from season to season. Keep in touch with local farms in your area (even if it's just on Facebook!) to find out first when seasonal goods become available, in addition to what’s new and exciting on their farm. Maybe it’s rabbits, crickets, or kohlrabi!

3. Buy Local (even when it's not food!)

Local businesses create local jobs and have a higher likelihood of keeping that money within your community. A healthy local economy circulates resources among friends and neighbours, and is an important foundation of a socially sustainable community.


Happy Sustainability Month! Be sure to #GetSustainable and check out events and activities by visiting the Sustainability Month events calendar