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Hot on the Trail: Chipmunk

Posted on September 24, 2015


Scientific Name: Tamais striatus (Eastern Chipmunk)


The Eastern Chipmunk has 1 white stripe on each side of its body, with both stripes ending at the rump.  It has faint tan stripes on side of face, and a white belly.  They are larger than its cousin the Least Chipmunk, measuring in at a body length of 21-30 centimeters and a weight of 66-140 grams.
Food Sources
Primarily eats acorns, seeds, plants, grasses, berries, and will occasionally eat slugs, snails, spiders, and insects.


Eastern chipmunks are at home in forests where there are plenty of hiding spots, such as under rocks or in fallen trees. This cover helps the critter escape its predators.


Chipmunks are generally ground dwellers, but will not pass up an opportunity to climb an oak tree for a ripe acorn. They have a reputation as big eaters because of their large cheek capacity and the fact that they have been known to hoard enough food to last them for years. 
-Ranger Rachel