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Seasons of Learning

Posted on October 9, 2019

Nature offers us a place to find wonder and explore curiosity. It is not limited by time or confined by walls. Its rhythms resonate deep within us. For kids, and adults too, nature is the greatest playground. With all its diverse structures, smells, and textures, its offerings are limitless.

At FortWhyte Forest School, we see how each season has a rhythm all its own. We listen and let it guide school. 

As the months go by, nature provides new wonders to remind us of the ever-turning cycle of life. The transforming magic of the first snowfall and the excitement of the first spring blossoms. The warmth of summer rays on the skin and the crunch of fall leaves underfoot. These are just some of the joys that nature shares with us.

We can see the many ways that being outside enriches our lives: we might find we sleep more deeply after a day in the woods, or notice a lift in mood after a few lungfuls of fresh air.

And the same is true for kids.

Nature offers so many opportunities for growth through risk-taking, freedom, learning and amazement. Through it, children become more relaxed, focused, and equipped to face what's ahead of them.

As we each grow with the seasons, each season offers new opportunities for discovery.


Summer at Forest School means slowing down to savour a more relaxed pace. We soak up the warm sun and set out to discover the world around us. We test our own boundaries by ducking through bushes and climbing up trees, building freedom and confidence.

Autumn’s deepening colours brings admiration and awe from all of us. We learn how the seasons run through a cycle and discover changing habitats for nearby animals. We follow our eyes and ears to see where nature guides us, going on new adventures everyday.


As winter freezes over we draw sharp breaths of crisp, fresh air. We learn how to prepare for the season, and how plants and animals survive with their own kind of winter coats. We cover every inch of the outdoors following animal tracks, with time for sledding, snow forts, and bonfires in between.


We welcome spring as a reminder that the cycle begins again. Wet snow turns into enticing puddles and we invite each other to jump in. We watch as worms and weeds emerge from the ground and learn the importance of each in nature.


In Forest School, the changing seasons don’t stop our play - it encourages it. With each day comes new opportunities, developing a child’s ability to adapt and create.

Nature leaves a certain impact on every child that spends time in it, growing them into more confident, capable, and independent adults. The empathy they develop for the environment in Forest School lasts a lifetime, creating stewards of the land in every pocket of the city.

Registration for Winter Forest School is now open!

Register by contacting Renee Olafson-Dyck, Manager of Child and Youth Programs at [email protected] or (204) 989-8355 x 209