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Thanks to you vol. 01

Posted on June 1, 2018

The Solar Power Pollinator Project

We’re excited to share a truly “sweet” story about how under-utilized land adjacent to our productive solar array will be restored to be a habitat for pollinators, birds and native animals.

As you may know, pollinators everywhere are facing habitat loss at an alarming rate. This project will directly contribute to improving the health of our local ecosystem, and can help to create a model and showcase what is possible when underutilized lands are restored.

This summer, we will be embarking on a new re-vegetation project for native tall grass prairie placed beneath our solar panel array.

Last year, we installed a 60-kilowatt ground-mount solar panel array on an otherwise unused piece of land at FortWhyte Alive. This site is adjacent to FortWhyte Farms, home to our small apiary, lending itself naturally as a location for the improvement of pollinator habitat.

This project will see the planting of native tall grass prairie plants and grasses on the 6,000-square foot parcel of land.

Our thanks to Go Wild Community Grants for their support of this project.

Thanks to you!

Thanks to you, each and every day at FortWhyte Alive is filled with magical moments of learning, exploration and connection. These are the moments that connect us to the natural world, and to each other. That’s how real change happens.

Thank you for your ongoing support and investment in our community. Your participation is not only making a difference, but also creating the world we all want to see.

You can see a full list of our supporters and learn more by visiting our community page.