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Volunteer Spirit Breakfast 2019

Volunteers from all walks of life are the lifeblood of FortWhyte Alive.

Because of this community of changemakers, FortWhyte Alive boasts one of the most connected and committed teams of volunteers in the province.

Volunteers are the ones on the ground, cultivating relationships with nature and making a difference in real time. You make the magic happen, FortWhyte Alive volunteers!

Every spring, we have the pleasure of celebrating our most dedicated volunteers at our annual Volunteer Spirit Breakfast. It's a time to gather, share a meal, and recognize the thousands of hours our team of tireless volunteers invests into FortWhyte each season.

A special thank you and congratulations to the 38 volunteers who gave over 100 hours of their time this past year. Wow!

From all of us, thank you! 

We'd also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our longstanding volunteer program sponsor, Lafarge Canada.

Head to fortwhyte.org/volunteering to learn more.


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