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2018 Citizenship Ceremony at FortWhyte Alive

On Wednesday, May 31, 2018 we had the honour and privilege of hosting a citizenship ceremony at FortWhyte Alive.

35 new Canadians, originating from 10 countries around the world, were welcomed during this afternoon ceremony on the plaza at the Alloway Reception Centre. As the new Canadians affirmed an Oath to Canada, there were joyous tears and excitement aplenty among all in attendance.

The presiding official at the ceremony was Dr. Rayleen Deluca (Order of Canada), and the clerk of the ceremony was Frank Fuchs. We were also joined by Indigenous Elder Allen Sutherland, who opened the ceremony with a blessing and a welcome messaging. Special thanks to members of the Riel Gentleman's Choir who lead us in a rousing rendition of 'Assiniboine' and 'O Canada' upon completion of the official proceedings.

Along with receiving their certificates, flags, and pins, our new Canadian friends were also presented with a Cultural Access Pass, made available from the Institute for Canadian Citizenship. This pass enables new Canadians to explore, travel, and discover Canada during their first year as citizens, with free admission to more that 1,300 of Canada's premier cultural attractions (including FortWhyte Alive!) as well as discounts on travel.

After celebrating with dessert and refreshments, guests were invited to stay and enjoy FortWhyte Alive for the remainder of the day.

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