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Connect with FortWhyte Alive to help make your outdoor education wishes a reality! Whether you are looking for a program for your Scouts, Guides, childcare centre or camp we have an option to meet your needs.

Group of youth walking through the forest.

Winter (January to March)

Snowshoe Adventure - Ages 9 & up

Winter provides the opportunity to explore areas of FortWhyte that are inaccessible in any other season. Strap on a pair of snowshoes, and learn about the history of this incredible invention that helps us navigate the deep snow.

Gifts of the North - Ages 9 & up

Gain an appreciation for the Arctic by learning about how the animals and people of Canada’s north depend on the land for survival and how climate change is altering those landscapes.

Spring, Summer, Fall (April - November)

Discovering the Seasons - Ages 5 - 8

Spring, summer, fall and winter. Animals and plants are adapted to a constantly changing year. Understand how plants and animals meet their needs in the current season, and how they are already preparing for what’s next.

Wetland Wonders - Ages 6 & up

Discover what lurks in the waters of the many ponds, swamps and marshes at FortWhyte Alive. Learn about the vital role that wetlands play in our environment and what you can do to protect them!

Available May through October due to water access for critter dipping.

Bison on the Horizon - Ages 6 & up

Visit these prairie giants and discover their connection to Manitoba’s history. Discover the adaptations and behaviours that allowed them to live on the prairies, their interconnectedness to indigenous people and how they were saved from the brink of extinction.




Can’t find something that meets your needs?

Contact [email protected] to learn how we can help create a custom program for your group.

Group of children running through forest as seen through trees.

Wilderness Survival - Ages 9 & up

Learn the essential skills needed to be prepared for any survival situation in the wilderness, including shelter and fire building, identifying edible wilds and direction finding.

Natural Navigators - Ages 9 & up

Children will enjoy an interactive introduction to navigation and navigation technology. This hands-on program teaches basic map and compass skills, finding and travel skills, outdoor direction and landmark reading.

email us to book a program

Fall (September - October)

The Magic of Migration - Ages 6 & up

Fall is a magical time. The colours are plentiful and the sounds are…loud?

FortWhyte Alive is the ideal location to learn everything you want to know and more about migration. The sky will come to life as thousands of geese make their way to their evening resting spot on the lakes of FortWhyte.

About Guided Programs


Length of programs: 1.5 hours

Price: $7.50/child

Minimum number of children: 10 ($75 minimum fee)

Maximum number of children: 30

Adult/Youth Ratio: FortWhyte Alive requires a minimum of 1 adult for every 15 children or youth. A maximum of 1 adult for every 4 youth will be complimentary, over this ratio admission will be $7.50 per adult.


Please contact our bookings department at 204-989-8355 ext. 228, or email [email protected].


Please choose one of the following payment options:

In person – Visit reception desk in Alloway Reception Centre to pay with cash, debit or credit card.

Invoice – please check in with visitor reception upon your arrival with your group numbers.


Cancellation Policy

FortWhyte Alive will only cancel a program in the case of extreme weather. Our programs are all held outside, so please dress appropriately. Groups cancelling at least 14 days in advance will not be charged. All groups failing to show or cancelling within 14 days will be charged 50% of the total fee.

Self-Guided Visits (Available Year-Round)

Explore on your own! We can supply you with things like dip nets, scavenger hunts, or orienteering maps to make the most of your visit.

$4.50 each for a half day (No lunch space)
$5.75 each for a full day (Outdoor lunch space)

Enhance your visit with Self Guided Kits!


Encourage your pre-school children to explore nature using all their senses and to deepen their appreciation of the natural world and the creatures that live in it.


The forest is a wonderful place! Trees meet the needs of people and wildlife; learn how trees grow and change through the seasons. This kit will help you make the forest come alive for your class.


A fascinating world exists under our feet! Discover the workings of life underground as you dig in to the soil. Peek into the underwater world using dipnets to catch wetland critters. Your students will learn there’s much more to life than what we see on the surface.

Grades 4 & 5 – WALK ON THE WILD SIDE

Discover natural systems within Manitoba by investigating plants and animals in a variety of habitats. Lead your students on explorations and discoveries through forests, wetlands, lakeshores, and grasslands.

Grades 1 – 6 – OUR PRAIRIE PAST

Step back in time to when the bison roamed the prairies! Experience the connection between the people of Manitoba’s past and our prairie ecosystem. Visit the sod house, tipi encampment, and bison herd.