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FortWhyte Spotlight: Society of Earth Science and Environmental Students

Posted on June 3, 2024

At FortWhyte Alive, our goal has always been to connect people, especially students, with nature to inspire the climate champions of tomorrow.

Because when you are connected with nature, you care about what happens to it. When you care, you take action to protect it.

So when the Society of Earth Science and Environmental Students (SESES) joined our donor community it was an incredibly special moment for us because it meant the very young people we hoped to inspire are now making environmental education possible for the next generation.

As students, as donors, and as individuals, SESES knows the power of nature education and you can learn more about them in the words of their council members Cailin, Joyce, and Owen.

Cailin and Joyce were co-presidents for the 2023/2024 SESES council and Owen was their Accessibility Representative.

SESES group hands cheque to FortWhyte staff person

1. Tell us a bit about your group.

Joyce and Cailin: The Society of Earth Science and Environmental Students is the student-faculty association for the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources at the University of Manitoba. We are a group of undergraduate students who work to represent and support our peers by providing opportunities for social, academic, and career-oriented activities. As a diverse group of individuals working towards a more positive and eco-friendly world, we pride ourselves on hosting events that improve student life both on-campus and off-campus through our annual fundraising initiative.

2. How did you learn about FortWhyte?

Cailin: From grade school field trips to visits with my family, FortWhyte has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Throughout school, I had many field trips to FortWhyte to learn from the displays at the Interpretive centre and experience the wonders of nature. I visited regularly with my family throughout my childhood, attending the annual goose migration festivities and getting up close with the many other species of wildlife that call FortWhyte home.

Joyce: Unlike Cailin, I didn’t grow up coming to FortWhyte. However, I share similar sentiments, as it has provided a space for me to connect with nature close to where I now call home. I remember coming once for an academic event during a portion of the school day and being fascinated with the concept of having a place to not only learn about nature but also advance our understanding of it. It was a cornerstone in my welcome to Winnipeg and has since become a place I eagerly return to visit friends and connect with nature.

3. Why did you choose to become a donor to FortWhyte?

Owen, Joyce, and Cailin: With our donation, we wanted to help support youth environmental education. FortWhyte played a pivotal role for many of us in SESES who grew up in the Winnipeg region, even inspiring some of us to pursue careers in the environmental sector. Since our days as school children, FortWhyte has graciously welcomed many of our alumni onto their staff and has provided our current and prospective students with a place to explore the natural sciences off-campus.

"FortWhyte played a pivotal role for many of us in SESES who grew up in the Winnipeg"

4. What is your favourite thing about FortWhyte?

Cailin: The variety of bird species that can be found within the grounds of FortWhyte never ceases to amaze me!

Joyce: My favourite thing about FortWhyte is the staff and the welcoming environment they create every time you walk in!

Owen: The Bison! They are my favourite animal and are so fun to visit. I also enjoy walking the boardwalks and fishing.

5. What would you tell someone who is considering donating to FortWhyte?

Joyce and Cailin: The people at FortWhyte understand the importance of young people in our ever-evolving world. They work tirelessly to support, strengthen, and inspire the youth of Winnipeg and Manitoba to be better stewards of the wildlife we share this planet with. FortWhyte graciously accepts donations, big or small, and their humble attitude towards their great work demonstrates how deserving they are of your support. If you’re looking to support an organization that is working towards a better tomorrow, look no further than FortWhyte Alive! They have supported us in our efforts and made our accomplishments possible. For that, we offer our highest recommendation to prospective donors.