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Freshwater Ecology Day 2018

Posted on October 4, 2018

Learning Through Experience

Freshwater Ecology Day
is an annual educational experience at FortWhyte Alive open to Grade 7-12 students from across Manitoba. Our goal is to increase students’ understanding of current water issues and actions we can take to help protect water.

On September 27, 66 high school students and 12 teachers from 10 different urban and rural Manitoba schools arrived to take part in learning stations geared around water sampling, water chemistry, shoreline remediation, aquatic invasive species and invertebrates, as well as learning about the watershed we live in.

A welcome, blessing and water ceremony from Clarence and Barbara Nepinak began with a focus on the need for all of us to protect clean water.

We got muddy and wet using a water jet planter to restore a section of shoreline on our lakes with “nature’s rebar,” also known as willow.

We examined aquatic insects collected in our lakes and wetlands.

We made our own Secchi disks to take home – these tools help aquatic scientists to determine water transparency.

We checked out an amazing table of specimens of Aquatic Invasive Species for a very thorough introduction to the impact of AIS on aquatic environments.

Overall, students were left inspired to continue to learn more… whether about watersheds, aquatic life, indigenous beliefs and practices around water, or water pollution and prevention.

Thank you!

Thank you to the presenters for sharing their knowledge and inspiring students to understand more about water protection, and giving them a great hands-on learning experience:

Clarence and Barbara Nepinak
Pauline Gerrard and Angela Reeves – IISD – Experimental Lakes Area
Claire Hebert – Lake Winnipeg Basin Research
Candace Parks – Manitoba Sustainable Development – Aquatic Invasive Species
Candi Bezte – Manitoba Eco-Network
Armand Belanger – East Interlake Conservation District
Chris Randall – Seine Rat River Conservation District

Freshwater Ecology Day was a fun, hands-on learning opportunity offered to students free of charge, thanks to support from the RBC Foundation and in-kind donations of time and effort from our expert presenters. Thank you!

For other high school programs related to environmental science at FortWhyte Alive, check out our Riverwatch water monitoring program, or discover more hands-on science days. Please contact to be added to our teacher mailing list.