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Freshwater Ecology Day Recap


September 29 was a beautiful sunny fall day, with colourful leaves and sun reflecting off the water. It was a perfect day for learning outdoors on the theme of freshwater. FortWhyte welcomed a total of 68 students and 10 teachers from nine schools across Manitoba for our first annual Freshwater Ecology Day.

Throughout the day, students participated in six learning stations covering different topics related to water, including how to sample lake water with a Van Dorn sampler and various probes, where and how to collect aquatic invertebrates, what tests to do to collect information about water chemistry, and the factors at play in our local watersheds. Participants also learned about Indigenous perspectives on protecting water in relation to the Seventh Generation teaching.

Thank you to the presenters for sharing their knowledge and inspiring Grades 9-12 students to understand more about water protection, and giving them a real environmental field science experience:

Kent Lewarne - River Watch & South-Central Eco-Institute
Karla Zubrycki - International Institute for Sustainable Development
Pauline Gerrard - IISD – Experimental Lakes Area
Sara McIvor-Prouty - FortWhyte Alive
Claire Hebert - University of Manitoba, Centre for Earth Observation Sciences
Audrey Boitson and Armand Belanger - East Interlake Conservation District

For other high school programs related to environmental science at FortWhyte Alive, check out our school programs or contact education@fortwhyte.org to be added to our high school mailing list.

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