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Frightening Fiver Race Recap & Results

Last night’s Frightening Fiver was definitely a night to remember!

The wind howled and the snow blasted us the in face, but that didn't stop 263 racers from championing the conditions for a great race.

Thank you to all who dressed up and everyone who participated in our largest race under the cloak of darkness, all in support of environmental education at FortWhyte Alive.

The costumes that these troopers donned were incredible - our finalists included a full-body Gumby outfit, a team of "Where's Waldo", and some glow stick superstars.

As always we need to thank our amazing crew of FortWhyte Alive volunteers, but this year they deserve an extra shout-out for braving the cold for us. We couldn't do what we do without you volunteers - you are the real MVPs! A big thanks also to Winnipeg Search and Rescue for ensuring all racers made it out of our trails safely.

Special thanks to all of this year’s sponsors who provided goods and services for your race day needs:
Gorp Clean Energy Bars
Lululemon Athletica
Woodcock Cycle Works
Winnipeg Spine and Sports Therapy

Congratulations to all of our winners! 
Results have been posted below.

Medals for those who placed will be available for pick up until Friday, November 3 at FortWhyte Alive. After this date, they will be mailed out. All winners will be contacted directly by email.

Even if you didn’t place, everyone who supports environmental education is a winner in our eyes, so THANK YOU!

Check out the winner results below!

Best Costume

1st Place – Gumby

2nd Place – Where’s Waldo (team costume)

3rd Place – Glow Stick Skeletons (team costume)

5km - Female

1st Place – Dayna Graham

2nd Place – Carmen Figueroa Sotelo

3rd Place – Ava Thompson

5km - Male

1st Place – Alan Hopkins

2nd Place – Curtis Einarson

3rd Place – Orien Massey
* Curtis Placed 2nd but was not recorded in timing as his bib was not visible, however we were able to see this through video footage.

10km – Female

1st Place – Sarah Kirby

2nd Place – Lindsay Green

3rd Place – Randi Marshall

10km – Male

1st Place – Jamie Falk

2nd Place – Sprague Richardson

3rd Place – Elliot Garfinkel
* Tyler Berke has disqualified himself, as he believes Elliot was before him.

Check out the overall race stats below!

**Due to the cold temperatures, the timing software was malfunctioning. Race results have been reviewed using video footage taken at the finish line to ensure accuracy. Some race bibs may not be included in the results, due to their position while being worn, and being hard to see. The Frozen Fiver and subsequent races will be timed with chip timing to ensure better accuracy. Sorry for any inconvenience.

5km Race Results

10km Race Results

We hope to see you all this winter for the Frozen Fiver!




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