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You’re a Backyard Adventurer!

Posted on April 13, 2020

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You know distancing shouldn’t mean disconnecting.

You know that your backyard provides all the adventure your family needs for a day of exploring, learning, and connecting with nature. In your backyard, the world comes to you as you discover plants and animals that call your yard home. Your fence doesn’t close you in, but rather opens your senses to the world beyond. 


Here are some great activities for every backyard adventurer:



With over 300 bird species migrating to Manitoba, you’re sure to discover a few in your backyard.

  1. Start by looking for the common Yellow-rumped Warbler, Red-winged Blackbird and American Robin.
  2. Download our guide of common birds to help you identify the ones you see.
  3. Join our Spring Sightings Facebook group to help discover more birds in our community.



Show your kids the power of the sun with this fun and tasty activity.

  1. Line a large bowl with aluminum foil and set it outside in the sunlight.
  2. Layer a few graham and marshmallows to prepare for a s’more.
  3. The aluminum foil will reflect heat, while the marshmallow absorbs it, creating a gooey treat!



Pack everything your children need for their backyard adventure in kids’ backpacks.


Ready to try more activities? 

> Become a Neighbourhood Hiker

> Become a Mindful Explorer




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Special thanks to The North Face for supporting organizations that make exploration possible. They’re giving $1 million through their Explore Fund to support organizations during these uncertain times—organizations like FortWhyte Alive.

Thank you for your continual support of FortWhyte Alive.