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Holding Down the Fort: Spittlebugs

Posted on July 14, 2020

What nature moments do you use to mark the seasons?

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The product spittlebugs procude that looks like foamy spit on plants

Nature’s calendar reveals itself in the species that we see on the trails. Like clockwork, around the end of June or beginning of July you’ll start to notice spittlebugs. Marking the end of the school year, you’ll see the foamy “spit” they leave behind in plants.

This spit, however gross it may look, actually serves two purposes for spittlebugs. As they take up food from plants, they release water in this foamy form to concentrate the nutrients they’re taking in, but also use this spit as protection from predators by hiding in it.

A green spittlebug nymph sits beside the foam substance on a green plant

The turn of the season has so many other interesting insects that come with it. Whether you choose to visit FortWhyte or explore your own neighbourhood nature nook, start creating your own nature calendar by searching for these common insects found at this time of year in our Grassland Critters Guide.