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How To: Spend More Time Outside This Summer

Posted on June 28, 2018

So, you’ve made it a goal to spend more time outside this summer. Great!

...but now what?

You imagine your summer full of sunset views from a canoe, sweet times relaxing on a dock or patio, and creating memories by discovering new places.

There’s just one problem – maybe you don’t have a canoe, a cabin, or a car. Or maybe you’re just not sure of what to do, or where to go. The idea of #getoutside is sometimes just too broad, or too overwhelming, to put into practice.

We get it. And we’re here to help. FortWhyte Alive is your destination to experience the natural world, without having to leave the city.

We have the canoes. The docks. The lakeside patio. The forest. The relaxed vibe. The adventure. This is your place.

But perhaps most importantly, we’re here to help you make connections. Spending more time outside will spark you to remember your connection with the planet. The act of spending time in nature allows us to remember that we are not outside of nature, but we are nature.

From this place of connection we are better equipped to understand the environmental challenges we collectively face – and work toward solutions and to create a more sustainable community.

By spending time in nature, you are creating the change we all want to see.

How to spend more time outside this summer?

  • Start small. Come for a walk in the woods. Grab lunch on our lakeside patio. Join us for a paddle. We’re here to make it easy... you just have to get here.
  • Make a summer bucket list with small and big adventures to tackle this summer. You'd be surprised at how many classic summer experiences you can check off at FortWhyte Alive.
  • Become a member. Unlimited admissions are just the beginning. Not only can you visit as often as you like, but many of our members find that they spend more time outside simply by having a place that is theirs to go to.

We truly believe that exploring, learning and connecting with nature is how we can create change in the world. People like you make it all possible. If you’ve been waiting to join us for a visit, there’s never been a better time than now.

Starting in June, we are switching to our extended summer hours. For June, July and August, we are open until 8 pm on weeknights, Mondays through Thursdays.