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FortWhyte Alive’s Inaugural Harvest Auction

Posted on September 18, 2020

We celebrated our 7th Annual Harvest Supper, known this year as Harvest at Home, last night with good food, good company, and a good cause — but it’s not over yet!

Now it’s your turn to join in community with our Inaugural Harvest Auction. Check out a few prizes we’ve highlighted here, or head straight to the full auction at FortWhyte Alive’s Inaugural Harvest Auction.

Find experiences, handcrafted pieces, and so much more donated by local businesses and community members. Proceeds from the auction support essential environmental education, immersive outdoor experiences, and hands-on employment training for youth.

Auction closes September 24 at 8pm.

Two canoes out on the lake at sunset

Eco Resort Three Night Stay

Exterior of a log cabin surrounded by tall trees.
Interior of the cabin livingroom, glass table a cushioned chairs.

Enjoy a three night midweek stay in the Falcon Trails Resort Highline Eco Cabin. This cozy retreat sleeps 6 with an indoor wood-burning fireplace, screened-in porch with hammock, and a swimming dock. Valid September-May, accessed by gentle 2.5km hike.

Bid on this experience.

Bespoke Stone and Willow Birdhouse

Hand crafted bird feeder resembling a house.
Close up of bird feeder

This beautifully handcrafted birdhouse is made from diamond willow harvested from FortWhyte Alive’s marsh, cedar, copper, and stones from Brereton Lake. Clear coated to be placed outside.

Only a handful of these highly sought after birdhouses have ever been made, each slightly different from the others. Crafted by the same Joe de Simone who has taught Willow Chair Making at FortWhyte Alive for years.

Bid on this piece.

Kal Barteski: Winnipeg

White framed photo of a line drawing of the Provencher bridge in Winnipeg by Kal Barteski.

Winnipeg artist and activist, Kal Barteski, uses art as a way to contribute to the world.

“I have been creating my whole life. It is all I know how to do… I am wildly passionate about contributing to the world in a way that makes it better – with paint or with words  – paint, ink, lines, ideas, streets, ice, conversations, kindness.”   – Kal Barteski

Dimensions: 17″ x 13″

Bid on this piece.

Northlore Beauty Basket

Various Northlore supplies in a brown wicker basket
Flat lay photo of various Northlore supplies

Enjoy this ethical, locally made basket of incredibly high quality products. Northlore consciously crafts plant-based products to leave you glowing and renewed while keeping your ecological footprint light. They believe body care can be good for both you and the earth – no compromise.

Glacier Salt Scrub, Biodegradable Exfoliating Cloth, Lowlands Body Oil, Rosehip + Mint Soap, Balsam Fir Soap from Northlore. Small Barletta Beeswax Candle, small lofa sponge, pineapple trinket plate, bouquet fire starter by The Little Wood Chipper from FortWhyte Alive.

Bid on this item.

Milking Stool

A traditional milk stool made of a solid piece of timber.
Close up of the top of the milk stool.

Built from a solid piece of timber, salvaged from one of Manitoba’s many defunct grain elevators Wood Anchor’s “milk stool” is a nod to an agrarian past. The design, however, unlike its many predecessors conveys strength and permanence, while still acknowledging the tenets of the “milk stool.” Use as a stool or side table.

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See more at FortWhyte Alive’s Inaugural Harvest Auction.