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Reducing Winter Emissions

Posted on February 14, 2020

We all know that winter tires can prevent accidents on our slippery streets, but did you know they can also help reduce emissions?

Your tires are responsible for up to 20% of your overall fuel consumption, and on average 35% of your fuel is used to counter roll resistance.

FortWhyte Alive's electric car.

Winter tires grip the road better, decreasing that roll resistance, so winter tires can help you use less fuel in cold, snowy or icy conditions. In the case of electric vehicles, like FortWhyte Alive’s Chevrolet Bolt, you’ll see an increase in your driving range and lower your energy consumption when charging your vehicle.  

Close up of winter tires.

FortWhyte Alive is extremely grateful to Vickar Automotive Group who recently donated a set of winter tires for our electric fleet vehicle, a Chevrolet Bolt.

FortWhyte Alive charging station

Plug in your electric vehicle at one of our charging stations on your next visit to FortWhyte Alive. We have two TESLA Destination Charging Stations and two EV Charging stations located in the main parking lot by the Alloway Reception Centre.