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Sustainable Transportation to FortWhyte Alive

Posted on September 30, 2016


To celebrate Sustainability Month, members of our FortWhyte team will be providing tips on how you can incorporate sustainability into your everyday activities. 

by Jackie Avent

Did you know that personal transportation is our highest individual production of greenhouse gasses in Manitoba? Our friends at Climate Change Connection even go so far as to call driving a car the single most polluting thing that most Canadians do, with a standard vehicle producing almost 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. That is why we at FortWhyte challenge ourselves to lead by example and find climate-friendly ways to get to and from 1961 McCreary Road, a location that's difficult to access without a personal vehicle.

1. Free Public Transportation on Earth Day

Earth Day (annually in April) sees the most visitors at FortWhyte Alive than any other day of the year. It's busy and vibrant, lots to see and do, but traffic can be a real nightmare. In recent years, we have offered free bus service from key locations around the City of Winnipeg. The bus ride was free and those who rode were able to breathe easy with door-to-door service. Personally, my son and I took the bus from Polo Park, had a great visit with some like-minded folk during the ride, and enjoyed our day without the headache of traffic snarls. It was a triple win -- for our spirits, pocketbooks and the environment.

2. Zero emission, no admission

We believe in promoting active transportation and public transit wherever possible, and one way you can be rewarded for your bus ride, walk or cycle is by getting free admission to FortWhyte Alive. If you power yourself to get here, we'll keep your coin in your pocket so you can fuel yourself up with lunch, and, of course, dessert (you know you deserve it), at the Buffalo Stone Cafe.

3. Carpool? Yes, please!

Friends don't let friends drive alone -- and that's why we've made special parking available for our visitors, volunteers and staff who carpool to FortWhyte Alive. You will note special Carpool Parking signs posted (beside our electric vehicle charging station!) in the visitor parking lot.

4. Idling will get you nowhere

There's a misconception that you need to run your car to warm it up in the winter. This may be true for your comfort on the inside, but it's actually worse for your vehicle's engine to run without moving when it's cold. Power up your seat warmers, snuggle up in a long down coat and use your key to start your car all winter long. Otherwise, our feathered and furry friends won't be able to cool down as climate change keeps heating things up outside.

Happy Sustainability Month! Be sure to #GetSustainable and check out events and activities by visiting the Sustainability Month events calendar