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“It has been wonderful to watch Tessa’s confidence and strength grow.”

Posted on September 30, 2020

Thanks to the support of our donors, volunteers, members and partners, it’s possible for more visitors to get up close with nature in many different ways — like Tessa, who is learning about the world at Forest School. 

“She has always been a naturally compassionate person, but I've seen that compassion grow and expand to all kinds of creatures and plants as well.”

— Dana Baxter, Tessa’s mother

Close up of a green leaf with blue sky behind it
Dana stands behind Tessa with the forest behind them

Children running carefree through the forest. Conversations on tree stumps. Balancing atop fallen logs. Forest School paints a picture of a magical childhood in the woods

And it’s donors like you who make magic like this possible. Your support helps educate the next generation of environmental stewards from preschool Forest School, up to grade 12 through our immersive environmental education programming. 

Your generosity helps students challenge themselves to learn the impact nature and humans have on each other and change the way they interact with the planet for the better.

Dana Baxter has already seen these changes in her own daughter, Tessa, during weekly visits to Forest School. Tessa’s personal connection with the environment has grown, her decision-making skills have improved, and her physical and mental health has strengthened.

These opportunities are signs of a hopeful future, with kids taking their passion and knowledge about the planet home to inspire others!

Tessa stands in a puddle wearing a pink hat and rubber boots

“Whether you are a donor, member, volunteer or corporate supporter, you are the reason FortWhyte Alive has the deep impact in Winnipeg's community that it has. ”

— Liz Prall, Board Chair

We’re inspired by you! Your generosity and participation in supporting and healthy environment makes FortWhyte a place of comfort and connection for so many. Find more stories of change in our 2019 Impact Report.