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Thanks to you Vol. 2

Posted on June 28, 2018

Launching Boats... and Futures

Thanks to you, FortWhyte Farms continues to grow youth who go on to create change in
their own families and communities. The Farm is a welcoming place where diverse youth
come to learn about healthy food, develop job skills, learn money management and plan for long-term success.

This year, youth crafted their own boats, adding carpentry to the agriculture and
culinary skills fostered through social enterprise. You’ll appreciate how experiential
learning and employment guide youth to develop self and community reliance.



Thanks to you!

Thanks to you, each and every day at FortWhyte Alive is filled with magical moments of learning, exploration and connection. These are the moments that connect us to the natural world, and to each other. That’s how real change happens.

Thank you for your ongoing support and investment in our community. Your participation is not only making a difference, but also creating the world we all want to see.

You can see a full list of our supporters and learn more by visiting our community page. You can see your impact by reading The Nature of Social Change: 2017 Impact Report.