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The Power of Many

For a decade, Carolyne Ferrand has been making personally significant monthly gifts to causes that make her feel good.

I make donations to the organizations I feel a connection with. Nature and animals – that’s my thing,” says Carolyne Ferrand.

“It’s mental and spiritual fuel – being outside is the best. It feeds your spirit and soul.”

Why Give Monthly?

“For me, it’s all about budget. I can control my giving and manage it better. Same as my bills and insurance, with my favourite charities I gave monthly,” says Carolyne.

“I can increase, decrease, or cease my gift at anytime. Monthly giving is flexible. And, my year-to-date contribution can be more because I give on a monthly basis,” she explains.

“Plus, the same way I budget to give to FortWhyte monthly, FortWhyte can plan with a constant source of revenue coming in. It’s a win-win. Both for me and for FortWhyte.”

I think it’s restorative in many different ways – all aspects of nature,” the FortWhyte Alive member says. “Every visit can be different. See bison, see deer. I even learned how to canoe here.”

Join Carolyne 

And consider making your own monthly investment in connecting humans with nature. You can set up your gift online via credit card, complete and return this form to set up direct withdrawal, call Erin Bend at (204) 989-8355 x 212, or drop by in person to 1961 McCreary Road.


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