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World Food Day 2017

Posted on October 16, 2017

World Food Day

By FortWhyte Farms staff


Today is World Food Day, the international call to action to engage in the issues around food security and food justice for people all over the globe.


We know that food is a human right.  Everyone should be able to access adequate, healthy, safe, affordable, culturally-appropriate food that has been grown responsibly.  In other words, everyone should be able to grow, harvest, hunt, acquire, cook and eat with dignity.


At FortWhyte Farms, we believe in food sovereignty, which works with nature and supports entire food systems socially, environmentally and economically.  We are inspired by the work of Food Secure Canada, one of the leading alliances promoting holistic food policy changes on a national level, which defines food sovereignty using seven pillars - check them out here.


As we know, food injustices happen all over the world every day. Food production is impacted by pressures of on the environment via climate change, natural disasters and pollution as well as war and other human causes including resource extraction and forced migration.


In Manitoba, the harvest time is bountiful in food from the land.  While we often have too much to eat, we also share a responsibility to raise awareness, protect land, increase diversity, and work to build peace.


On this day we can set targets to create a world where everyone is food-secure.  Today, what are ways that you can ensure food sovereignty for yourself, your neighbours and communities throughout the world? Let us know on Instagram with the hashtag #getsustainablefwa to win!