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You’re a Neighbourhood Hiker!

Posted on April 13, 2020

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You know distancing shouldn’t mean disconnecting.

You’ve been around the block—and around again—memorizing each leaf and blade of grass you see on your journey. You don’t call streets by their names, but by the tree that stands at its corner or the wild flowers that sneak through sidewalk cracks.


Here are some great activities for every neighbourhood hiker:



By using landmarks, children (and adults!) can build up their memory and improve their ability to navigate.

  1. Show your family 10 objects from around your home. Ask them to recite the objects back to you after 10, 30, and 60 minutes.
  2. Then, ask them to associate these objects with items you’d see on a walk around your neighbourhood—for example, a whisk may remind them of a tree at your street corner.
  3. Go on a walk, pointing out the landmarks each has associated the objects with. Once you’ve returned from your walk, see how well your family remembers the items 10, 30, and 60 minutes after your walk. 
  4. Take note of which method resulted in the greatest recall. Discuss with your family how they can use landmarks to improve their memory, awareness of their surroundings, and navigation in new environments.



Life exists in the smallest of corners—explore with your family and discover new critters.

  1. Notice the new critters that come out with the changing season. 
  2. Look under a log or rock in your neighbourhood and take note of who is living under it.
  3. As the weather warms up, come back again with your nature journal and list or draw the new critters that have shown up.
  4. Look them up online with your family and learn something new!



Stay warm and dry on your adventure with waterproof runners and fleeces.


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