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50 years of FortWhyte vol. 2: Wood Ducks

Did you know that we're celebrating our 50th anniversary this year? That's right! And to celebrate, we're digging back into our newsletter archives to share a few blasts from the past. Here is a look back to the spring of 1994 with a piece titled 'The Winnipeg Wood Duck Project', published in our Branta newsletter in and written by FortWhyte's own Site and Wildlife Manager Ken Cudmore.

Read the full article here.

The history of Winnipeg’s wood duck population is a fascinating story, and an example of what we can do to address species decline, right here at home.

At the turn of the century, wood duck populations across North America were critically low as a result of overhunting and clearing of the forests that these unique ducks call home. To help re-establish the wood duck population, FortWhyte launched the Winnipeg Wood Duck Project in the early 1970’s, an ambitious campaign that resulted in the deployment of hundreds of nest boxes along our city’s riverbanks.

Nearly 50 years later, the Wood Duck Project is still going strong. Each spring, a crew of FortWhyte volunteers head out to maintain and monitor existing boxes and install new ones in backyards along Winnipeg's riverbanks.

Thanks to FWA volunteer Daniel Belanger for providing these photos from this year's outing. And, if you were wondering, pictured below are not one but two screech owls found in the nesting boxes!


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