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A generation of hope

Posted on November 25, 2021

A message from Liz Wilson, President & CEO


After a quiet year without the laughter and smiles of kids on the trails at FortWhyte Alive, the first day of camp was like a breath of fresh air.

I saw campers, like Tomas and Gaspar Aguayo, beam as they reunited with friends. You could tell it was a welcome change from a winter of isolated online learning.

It was easy to see the same relief on the faces of their parents, Luisa and Alberto. They’re both healthcare workers who have been on the frontline throughout the pandemic.

We see how joy-filled Gaspar and Tomas are while coming here.

We are grateful that camp and FortWhyte Alive is a safe place for kids to play in nature while being outdoors with their friends.”

Like you, I have experienced how being in nature boosts my spirits. It’s what led me to a career in conservation and environmental leadership. The best thing about camp is that it lays that foundation for kids, helping them to fall in love with nature too.

As a fellow nature lover, I know you agree. That’s why I’m asking you to give today to share the love of nature with the next generation.

When Gaspar and Tomas come to camp, they are immersed in nature. They learn about big issues, like climate change, by exploring the little things. On a farm tour, they learn about how flowers are dependent on bees for pollination, but that the bees are threatened by habitat loss on the prairies.

These outdoor experiences show campers that we are all connected, we need each other.​​

Through hands-on learning, kids experience ways they can make a difference. Then they go on to teach others. It’s something parents notice too.

“I like the way Gaspar and Tomas come home with stories of composting and recycling, and I know how excited they are to ride their bikes for short trips in our neighbourhood,” says Luisa. “It motivates us as a family to take more small steps towards making a difference.”

Every dollar from donors like you supports these opportunities for kids, ensuring campers and students visiting FortWhyte Alive can access affordable outdoor experiences and environmental education at low to no-cost.

As someone who is invested in FortWhyte Alive, you know how lucky we are to have this beautiful place. Here, kids of all ages can access nature through the seasons, without leaving the city.

Your continued generosity will ensure we can keep doing what FortWhyte does best – educating and inspiring. Please, if you are able, I ask that you give what you can today.

I can’t wait to hear from you,

Liz Wilson

President & CEO

FortWhyte Alive