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Driving to Change the Forecast at FortWhyte Alive


As leaders in sustainability education in Manitoba, FortWhyte Alive (FWA) is putting the pedal to the metal to encourage green driving, especially when active transportation is not accessible.

We are proud to add the ownership of the first 2017 Chevrolet Bolt all-electric vehicle in Manitoba to our growing list of sustainability initiatives. The Bolt is now FWA staff’s mandatory ‘first-choice’ for off-site business or personal trips, and will reduce emissions due to employee-related transportation by approximately 20,000km/year, or approximately 5.0 tonnes of CO2e. Despite our location within the City of Winnipeg, there is a significant distance for staff to travel to obtain necessities for our operation. The Bolt will make these trips low cost and educational as we promote emission-free transportation throughout the City.

The Chevrolet Bolt is an exceptional motor vehicle. Not only is it spacious, beautifully designed and equipped with all the bells and whistles one could ever need, a full charge provides a range of 383km. Vickar Chevrolet’s generosity helped make this dream a reality for us, and we certainly have been putting it to good use.

FWA knows that reducing fossil fuel consumption, especially through motor vehicle use, is a crucial step to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We believe that every action we take is important to change the outcome of past and current practices. With our Chevrolet Bolt we hope to educate and inspire our community to work individually and collectively to change the forecast on climate change.

Watch for us Bolting around town! It is boldly branded and good looking – give us a wave if you appreciate the steps that we are taking to encourage sustainable living. Stop by FortWhyte Alive to have a peek as you might find the Bolt parked by one of our electric vehicle charging stations outside of the Alloway Reception Centre. We boast two conventional chargers and two Tesla chargers to help our fellow green drivers get where they need to go. Our new Electric Fleet Vehicle and charging stations drive our mission forward as we foster sustainability in our community and beyond.


Tesla and Conventional Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at FortWhyte Alive


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