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Stay active by volunteering at FortWhyte Alive

Posted on March 13, 2018

Are you looking to

  • Connect with your community?
  • Seize opportunities to teach, and to learn?
  • Stay active and explore your passion for the outdoors?
  • Channel your energy, knowledge and life experience in a new direction?

FortWhyte Alive is seeking volunteers from all walks of life to lead students in unforgettable outdoor experiences.

Whether you enjoy helping small children discover the magic of a needle on a compass or discussing the flow of a watershed with eager young adults, we know that you will enjoy working within this warm community of like-minded individuals.

Volunteering with us is a meaning, rewarding and enjoyable experience, and comes with many perks! We routinely celebrate our community of hundreds through holiday parties, appreciation events and delicious treats in our volunteer lounge.

You supply the energy and enthusiasm, and we will help you find a place to feel appreciated and consequential as you empower students to learn about the natural world. Seize the opportunity to take a break from the mundane to help enrich outdoor experiences that resonate with students and yourself.

We are accepting applications now for School Program Leaders for the spring program season. Deadline to apply is March 28, 2018. Learn more.