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Embracing the Human-Animal Bond with Central Veterinary Services

Posted on November 1, 2022

At FortWhyte Farms, every animal has a job.

Some of them might seem obvious like the farm cats that work as part of our pest management team.

Others more subtle, like the animal ambassadors of our agricultural education programming who later become the food made available to our community.

But they all also serve a much bigger purpose which is why it’s important to have a strong team of people caring for them – including our friends at Central Veterinary Services.

Two black cats sit on picnic table.

Each summer a new group of youth begin their time working at the farm. For many of them this is a nerve wracking experience as they are immersed in a new environment, with new people, and for many – starting their first job.

This is where the farm cats come in – ready to provide cuddles to anyone who may need an unconditional friend. As soon as your hand meets their fur you’ll feel the comforting rumble of a purr begin.

Bunny being held in someones hands.

The human-animal relationship is special. Each moment spent with them benefits our mood, mind, and health. Even short moments spent caring for animals benefits us.

For many youth at the farm caring for the animals is their favourite chore. Each day they can take a moment to disconnect from the world and connect with these beings.

The staff of central vet smile at camera.

“We love FortWhyte Farms because it so closely aligns with everything we aim to do at Central Vet as well. Our mission is to improve lives, and we aim to do this through fostering meaningful relationships through the human animal bond and community.” -Central Vet

At FortWhyte Farms we know that these connections make a difference which is why we are so careful to take good care of our animals. They are fed locally milled and organic as possible and even treated to produce fresh from the farm.

We also allow our animals a life free from pain or discomfort which sometimes means making tough decisions about their health. We choose to work with Central Vet because we know they understand the importance of educating people on animals and how special the human-animal relationship can be and we know we can trust them to help us make any tough decisions.

Rooster and chickens walk on mulch.

Thank you Central Veterinary Services for being part of the FortWhyte Farms family and for your support of our annual Harvest Supper.

Thank you for helping us grow youth, food, and community!