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FWA Sustainability Report 2016-17

You know that there are all kinds of things that we can all do to create a healthier, happier planet. Doing good for the earth comes in all shapes and forms – and chances are you're already taking steps to create the change we all want to see.

We’re doing our part by educating, connecting and inspiring actions toward sustainable living. But we’ve also been doing a number of things right here at the place we call home to reduce our carbon footprint.

At FortWhyte Alive we are working hard to be living, breathing models of sustainable living in action.

In February 2015, we launched our first-ever Sustainability Plan to guide our sustainability performance until 2020 – and work toward our vision of becoming a national leader in sustainability. As part of this plan, we made a commitment to track our environmental performance and report back to our members, donors, and the general public to tell the story about our successes and challenges.

We’re just about halfway through our five-year Sustainability Plan, and wanted to give you an update!

Highlights from 2016/2017 include:

But that’s not all! Read the full progress report here.

We're here to help you take action toward building a more sustainable community. What are you inspired to do today?



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