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Small steps toward sustainability: Unveiling our new waste collection system

Posted on March 28, 2018

At FortWhyte Alive we are working hard to be living, breathing models of sustainable living in action — and are excited to have recently launched our new, enhanced waste collection system!

And if you've already heard the surprising truth about garbage in Winnipeg, then you can understand our excitement.

Next time you visit FortWhyte, you’ll notice our waste, recycling and organics bins. While we've been recycling and composting for years, we're super excited to finally unveil a comprehensive, public-facing composting system that allows all FortWhyte visitors to compost all organics — including meat, dairy and food waste from the Buffalo Stone Cafe.

While most of our organics are diverted through Compost Winnipeg, but we also reserve a portion of the compost for eventual use in our biodiversity and butterfly gardens.

In case you didn't know, we also offer battery and cell phone recycling, and you can deposit plastic bags into our “Bag it Forward” bins located in the Interpretive Centre.

Among our staff and volunteers, we also take care to recycle pens, aerosol cans, electronics and other items that can be easily diverted from the landfill. Because every bit counts.

Making it easy for you to act sustainably

We all know it has to be easy. With that in mind, we have made waste collection easy and attractive at FortWhyte Alive. How, you say? We commissioned an awesome local company to handcraft beautiful receptacles, and designed easy and clear signage to help our visitors use them with ease.

Small steps add up to big impact

This new, enhanced waste collection system is just one action we've taken as part of our organization-wide Sustainability Plan to enhance our overall sustainability and work toward our vision of becoming a national leader in sustainability.

What small steps are you inspired to take today?