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Unique Ways to Volunteer at FortWhyte

Posted on March 30, 2023

FortWhyte volunteers do so much to make your visit magical. Behind the scenes and on the trails they assist in almost every area of FortWhyte Alive and this often means helping in some very unique volunteer roles.

Organizing storage areas, axe throwing, chopping wood,

FortWhyte volunteers do it all.

So if you’re thinking of volunteering here are a few volunteer roles you might not find anywhere else…

Person stands in front of shed holding piled of chopped wood.

Wood Chopper

If you’re in search of fresh air and exercise helping as a Wood Choppers might be for you. Wood Choppers help chop, sort, and store wood for school and public programs so there’s a cosy place for children to hear stories, make bannock or s’mores, and stay warm.

Fire Tenders

With lots of wood ready to go, you can take the lead as a Fire Tender and help build and maintain fires so groups of students can roast bannock and marshmallows or help children roll maple taffy on snow for a delicious treat.

Lake Monitoring Assistant

A favourite role of many science students, Lake Monitoring Assistants join FortWhyte staff once a month and head out on our lakes to collect water samples and data. By canoe or by snowshoe, no matter the season, this is essential to keeping our lakes healthy.

Did you know? All of the lakes at FortWhyte were once part of the Canada Cement Company that once stood here. Since the lakes are man-made they undergo monthly testing to ensure they stay healthy for the wildlife that call them home.

Two people kneel on frozen lake around hole in ice collecting water samples.
Volunteer leads school group snowshoeing.

Wednesday Weeders

Join the Wednesday Weeders at FortWhyte Farms and help bust the weeds on the farm fields so the farm can grow fresh healthy produce for the community and support their social enterprise. Perks include fresh air, the rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doos, good company, and the odd garden treat for your dinner table.

Fishing Rover

Fishing fanatics rejoice – here’s a chance for you to share your skills! Rove the shorelines and make sure visitors out fishing are being safe as they angle the lakes while offering helpful fishing tips and tricks!

School Program Leader

Bring learning alive by leading groups of students through winding forest trails to help them discover the beauty and importance of our planet. When you lead school programs you are on the front lines of creating the climate leaders of tomorrow.

100% training is provided, no need to be an expert, just a nature enthusiast!

Trail through forest during winter with sun peeking through trees.

FortWhyte volunteers really do it all, they make magic happen everyday and everywhere.

If you have ever considered volunteering but were not sure what to do, FortWhyte is the place to discover the joy of volunteering. Try one thing, try them all, or invent a totally new role for yourself, no matter what you want to do you can be the magical difference that inspires a child to connect with nature.


Learn more by visiting our Volunteering page or contact FortWhyte Alive’s Volunteer Resources Manager, Nicole Griffo, at (204) 989-8355 x 213 or [email protected].