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“Where else could I have a nature experience like that?”

Volunteers from all walks of life are the lifeblood of FortWhyte Alive. Volunteers are the ones on the ground, cultivating relationships with nature and making a difference in real time. You make the magic happen, FortWhyte Alive volunteers!

Volunteer Spotlight: Alice French

In the fall of 2013, Alice starting looking for volunteer opportunities. She had just retired from her role as a rehabilitation assistant and thought she would enjoy working with children in nature.

As it turned out, FortWhyte Alive was the perfect fit. Although she never worked formally in a school environment, she was very active with the parent councils, library and volunteering in classrooms when her children were young. This was all the experience she needed to jump into the role of School Program Leader.

As a FortWhyte Alive volunteer Alice expected to gain some knowledge about nature and the world and, in-turn, pass that knowledge on to young people. What she didn’t expect was that she would learn something new almost every time she comes to FortWhyte. Knowledge sharing is a big part of the culture among volunteers, staff, visitors, and even visiting students.

“The sense of appreciation and connection to the staff and other volunteers often feels like a family unit.”


Alice is one of over 30 school program leaders that delivered programs to 32,843 students from 260 schools over the past year. She has also volunteered for special events such as Earth Day, Louis Riel Day, summer programs, and various gardening projects.

Alice has contributed over 1,400 volunteer hours since she started volunteering only five years ago. Wow!

From all of us, thank you Alice for your commitment and motivation to creating change in our community.

One of Alice's favourite memories:

"One winter morning, I was walking down the pathway and suddenly had the feeling like something was watching me. I looked up and there, was a marten watching me from a treetop. Where else could I have a nature experience like that in Winnipeg!"


Does this sound like you? We’re on the lookout for teens, professionals, educators and older adults who are looking to make a real difference by providing students and visitors with unforgettable outdoor experiences.

We are now accepting applications for School Program Leaders and other seasonal volunteer roles. Deadline to apply is November 20, 2018.


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