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What on Earth is a Yurt?

Posted on December 1, 2017

FortWhyte Alive has recently purchased an 18’ diameter yurt from Nomad Shelters in Homer, Alaska to be used for our Forest School program. This inquiry-based program for children between the ages of 3 and 5 requires that the children have shelter from the cold, but are able to stay outside all winter long. The perfect solution: the yurt!

The design for our yurt is based on the yurt design of the central Asian steppe nomadic herding people, and therefore is a design that has been tried and tested in similar harsh, windy environments. This shelter is comprised of lattice walls, an insulating liner, a polyvinyl cover and a big beautiful skylight. Our yurt will offer the children a break from the wind and snow, while providing natural light and a warm interior. We have chosen to outfit our yurt with safe and clean electric heat for the time being, and it sure does get nice and toasty!



The Fall 2017 session children have already made themselves quite at home in the yurt. They eagerly pull out their snacks on the big faux-fur throw that serves as a comfy seat, and they love to sit and watch the tree branches wave through the skylight. We look forward to a very comfortable winter at Forest School as the children learn and play outside, secure in the knowledge that they can have a break from the elements if they need.

Check out to learn more about our amazing yurt!