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Bill Elliott: A Legacy of Inspiration

Posted on June 2, 2022

A champion of sustainability and the environment, there are few people as remarkable as Bill Elliott.

For over 35 years, Bill worked to transform FortWhyte Alive. Through his work, this place has become a national leader in environmental education, outdoor recreation, and a social enterprise.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Bill has been passionate about nature for as long as he can remember. He fondly recalls his younger days spent exploring and observing nature along the river off his backyard.

He credits that time as the spark that ignited his interest in the environment.

Reading the paper one morning, Bill remembers seeing an ad for an Executive Director position with a small seasonal nature centre. Feeling he had the experience and passion for the role he applied. Bill soon became the first employee of the FortWhyte Centre for Environmental Education.

Bill Elliott speaks at Elliott Lake Dedication.

Starting in 1983, Bill spent his days adapting FortWhyte Alive to the growing needs of the community. He spent years advocating for the natural environment that had yet to become an issue for the general public. His accomplishments throughout his tenure are impressive.

What's most impressive is the impact he left on every aspect of FortWhyte Alive.

To this day visitors feel his passion for the environment while walking through the natural spaces he campaigned for.

Staff and volunteers feel his dedication as they sit and eat their lunches in the kitchen. Now a gathering place, it was once an apartment where Bill and his family lived in FortWhyte Alive’s early days.

Most importantly, the birds and animals that call FortWhyte Alive home feel his consideration to create a safe home for them.


On your next visit to FortWhyte Alive stop a moment and take in the sights and sounds. And, thank Bill for his work as you overlook the newly named Elliott Lake.

Bill Elliott and his family pose with Elliott Lake dedication sign.