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Volunteer Spotlight: Rosemary Jackson

Posted on October 6, 2015

Rosemary Jackson came to Canada from Lancashire, England with her husband Peter and 9-month-old daughter in 1966. After spending many years as a leader with Brownies and Girl Guides for her three daughters, she jumped at the chance to use her skills at FortWhyte Alive, working outdoors with children throughout the seasons.

I love speaking with Rosemary. She has kind eyes that are windows to her experience and a gentle voice with the lilt of an English accent. She enters the volunteer lounge with the confidence of a 24-year volunteer veteran looking for another new experience at FortWhyte Alive. She can lead a group of Grade 5-12 students in skills necessary to conduct basic land navigation using a map, operate a compass and GPS receiver, assist visitors in roasting bannock over a fire, or demonstrate how to throw an atlatl. Rosemary generally volunteers during weekdays with Kindergarten to Grade 12 school programs, occasionally stepping in on weekends or evenings to lead dipnetting or go snowshoeing.

For Rosemary, being active outdoors is a way of life, which is likely why FortWhyte is such a great fit for her. She enjoys spending her leisure time sailing, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and camping. Rosemary and Peter have hiked the West Coast Trail in BC, the Bruce Trail in various parts of Canada, and the Mantario Trail.

Rosemary would invite anyone interested in volunteering at FortWhyte because, “There is training for all programs, and FWA makes an effort to make sure you are comfortable with the material before taking on a group. The staff and team of volunteers are wonderful and are always helping one another out.”

One of Rosemary's funniest memories was when she was snowshoeing with a class and fell in the deep snow, getting her snowshoes tangled up in the cattails. She got upright with the help of a nice teacher and off the group went again. Everything is a new challenge for Rosemary and she smiles when she says there is always something interesting happening at FortWhyte Alive.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Sharyl Eaglesham, Volunteer Resources Manager at (204) 989-8355 ext. 213 or email [email protected].

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